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The Local Google Rankings "Local Buyer Traffic" Process!

First Page of Google in 60 Days for Unlimited Search
Terms for "Local Buyer Traffic".

Here is how this works:

We get you on the first page of Google for the correct search terms in the best part of the search page - the organic listings. This is the most credible part on the first page and this is where 85% of searchers go first.

We will show exactly what needs to happen on your site. (on-site SEO)

We will give all the Text you need ready to plug in.

We will research 10 or so search phrases that your customers are using to try to find you.

We will start with one of those search phrases that is currently pulling in about 1,000 searches per month. (these are people who are looking for you!)

Once your site is on the first page for that term, we will then work on the next phrase and so on.

You can cancel anytime, BUT, the longer you stay with us the more search phrases that will have your website on the first page. This is the way to really win with internet marketing.

Ranking for just one search phrase is not the real game. The real game is to rank for as many terms as possible. We can make that happen for you!

ALSO We start by an initial consultation to assist with any issues that may slowdown your internet marketing success.

AND We are available for a monthly 15 minute marketing check up consultation just to make sure you are getting what you need.

Why we have chosen this approach…

We charge for results only. Most (read over 98%) of SEO firms I have researched charge for activity; not results! As a client, I don’t real care about what actions they are taking; I care about how many calls I am getting and where I rank on Google. I am making an assumption that you might feel the same way. We promise that ALL the actions we take will be beneficial to your search rankings and completely ethical . Other than that, we will do whatever it takes to keep our end of our agreement. First page in 60 Days!

Google changes their algorithm constantly. So we have to always change what we do so that we keep our clients on the first page. What we do today is not what we did 6 month ago and wont be what we are doing 6 months from now. Let us worry about the constantly changing strategies required to do our job, you worry about what to do with your new clients…

SEO works when you keep it going! Many of your competitors want your top 10 spot. It is vital to keep working on your ranking so you don’t lose your spot. As we move from one search phrase to the next, we will maintain all search phrases we are responsible for…

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A personal note...
I have been an entrepreneur for many years.
For much of this time, I worried about how to get customers.
It was only when I took decisive action, that my businesses really started moving.
I recommend the same for you. Call me, let's talk.

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Complete Local SEO

Unlimited "Local Buyer Traffic" keyword phrases
$225 per month

The Complete SEO Package!

No hidden charges, cancel anytime, fully guaranteed.
(First page Google organic results in 60 days, unlimited search terms)
("Local Buyer Traffic" keyword phrase have two or more words + a local city or county)

Complete Local SEO $225 per mo

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